New advanced smartphones, promising rich multimedia Internet based user experience, are spreading into GSM/EDGE networks country by country. These new terminals offer also new services such as multimedia download (streaming), e-mail, web browsing and VoIP and – even if they can operate over GPRS data networks – the user will benefit of all functionalities only when camped on a well optimized EDGE network. It is very likely that these new type of smartphones will benefit from a very fast and high penetration into the market. In order to satisfy the expectations from these terminals’ owners, Infrastructure Vendors and Service Providers have now the opportunity to be confident about the quality and the performances of their EDGE infrastructure.

Fast, Low-Risk Abis Load & Stress Testing Solution Integration

PRISMA is the leading provider of load & stress testing and monitoring solutions for proprietary Abis interfaces. PRISMA has provided all of the leading wireless Infrastructure Vendors with very high capacity, ultra-stable Abis interface testing solutions, and that means we have unmatched expertise in the market. Despite the complexity of this interface, our long-term proficiency enables us to realize new Abis projects in a matter of months. The result for you is that you avoid risks and dramatically lower overall integration costs. Best of all, once the Abis interface is supported, you can realize a future-proof load test system ready for any load level, using the highly scalable PRISMA LSU test platform.

Extremely Compact Platform – Completely Configurable – All Interface Types Supported (1)

The Abis simulator runs on PRISMA’s multi-user, high-capacity LSU test platform. The complexity inherent in Abis interface testing simply disappears when using the Test Manager GUI. Moreover, the system is easily configurable, highly flexible in use, and controllable from the command line. Open API Integration also enables integration in an existing test environment. A full set of interface types is supported, including E1/T1, STM-1 SDH (channelized) as well as E1 over IP by means of the CESoP interface.

Test Automation Features

In order to maximize the test activities’ efficiency, perform true robustness and stability tests, these Abis load & stress solutions embed several functionalities to define different test campaigns, run them automatically, and get the results arranged with the desired detail level in both graphic and text format.

More than Abis – Full BSC Testing

This solution can test completely a BSC by simulating several BTSs and a population of mobiles over the Abis interface and the MSC, SGSN and TRAU over the A and Gb interfaces. At no additional cost can the Customer benefit of concurrent monitoring during simulation as well.

Unique TRAU and PCU Frame Support

The PRISMA Abis load & stress solution can generate traffic on both Control and User Planes including:

  • Signaling links based on HDLC with 16-bit FCS (i.e. LAPD – TS 08.056)
  • Dedicated FR speech or data channels (i.e. TRAU Frames – TS 08.060)
  • Dedicated HR speech or data channels (TS 08.061)
  • GPRS/EDGE Packet data channel (i.e. PCU Frames, manufacturer proprietary)
  • TRAU and PCU frames can be allocated without any restriction over timeslots (64 Kb/s) or sub-timeslots (16 or 8 Kb/s) of the PCM lines (i.e. TS 08.054)

Most Comprehensive Set of Features and Functionalities

  • TRAU frame generation, 3GPP format
  • PCU frame generation
  • Automated testing (network/terminal side)
  • E1, STM-1 SDH, CESoP interfaces
  • Live monitoring capability on all protocols and interfaces connected with the simulator
  • Wide library of ready–to-use test scripts
  • Multi-user, multi-application, highly-scalable future-proof, client-server, real-time HW/SW architecture
  • Specific network element customizations are fully supported

(1) Please contact us for a list of Abis reference implementations Abis test manager graphical user interface.