Network Simulating Solutions have been developed to integrate PRISMA’s simulators offer to Vendors and Service Providers, who need reliable integrated solutions in terms of simulation, monitoring and troubleshooting for their 2G, 3G and 4G mobile networks. PRISMA’s portfolio currently offers:

  • 2G, 2.5G – Abis Simulator, A/Gb Simulator, MSC and SGSN/GGSN Simulator
  • 3G – Iu Simulator; Iub Simulator
  • 4G – S1/X2 Simulator

A full set of interface types is supported, including E1/T1, STM-1 SDH (channelized) as well as E1 over IP by means of the CESoP interface.

Monitoring can be performed concurrently with simulation (both on the simulated interfaces and on those connected between real node elements), thus avoiding the need of separate instrumentation and allowing a significant cost reduction.

2G – 2.5G: More than Abis – Full BSC testing

2G Network Simulating Solutions can test a BSC completely, by simulating several BTSs and a population of mobiles (in conjunction with MsSIM) on Abis and the MSC and SGSN/GGSN on the A and Gb interfaces.

On the Abis interface, the offer includes BTS simulation, dynamic Abis, mobile phone population, handover, congestion, circuit switched traffic.

For functional test and Load&Stress of the BSS equipment on the A Interface the MSC Simulator can provide a connection to multiple BSCs as separate test beds for independent working groups, consistent management of external handover procedures. The MSC Simulator can operate with real mobiles or in combination with a simulator on the Abis interface; a TRAU testing solution can also be added.

PRISMA can offer an SGSN simulator on the Gb interface, simulating the SGSN equipment, the GGSN equipment and an IP network, in order to terminate the data traffic generated by user equipment on a mobile network. The SGSN simulator supports the connection to multiple BSSs and can be used with real mobiles or in conjunction with another simulator on the Abis interface. The SGSN simulator can also be used in conjunction with an MSC simulator in order to terminate both the packet data and the circuit-switched traffic generated by a BSS.

3G: Iu/Iub Simulation

3G Network Simulating Solutions can be used to emulate a complete UMTS network, allowing the testing of NodeB and RNC in a controlled environment. NodeB and RNC are taken to their operating limits, with their performance and reliability verified under heavy load. The possible simulation includes both User Plane and Control Plane; circuit-switched voice and video calls are supported, along with simulation of packet-switched data applications traffic, resembling real user activity (like file transfer, web-browsing, e-mail). Realistic scenarios can be composed with thousands of users, with the additional possible simulation of faulty behavior and abnormal conditions.

4G: S1/X2 Simulation

4G Network Simulating Solutions can be used to emulate a complete LTE network, allowing the full testing of the eNodeB in a controlled environment. Feature and load&stress testing over User and Control Plane is possible, replicating real life complex scenarios. A full range of traffic applications, including VoLTE, is also available.