PRISMA has two decades of wireless protocol simulator expertise and invests heavily in R&D to provide support for all types of simulation scenarios for different network topologies, equipment Vendors, traffic volumes or traffic types (circuit switched, packet switched). Thanks to their scalability and modularity, PRISMA’s solutions can be used during every development phase. The hardware configuration and the installed software can be adapted to meet the requirements and challenges of any testing need.

Customizations and open interfaces

PRISMA’s testing solutions are used to monitor and decode all the protocol stacks (standard or Vendor dependent) at every interface of a GSM/GPRS/EDGE network. Our software applications can simulate every operating condition using a powerful set of libraries for each protocol. Scripts are written in Tcl/Tk or generated by third parties software (SDL/TTCN editors), and then managed by a specific command line interface.

System and Integration testing

PRISMA’s testing solutions are multi-interface systems able to verify the behaviour of the network under test by exchanging messages between different network elements, as well as helping to debug abnormal conditions. Following Customers’ requests, a set of dedicated features has been studied to reproduce network element failures, faulty links, and variable delays due to different network topologies.

Load & Stress testing

PRISMA’s system can inject large amounts of traffic at every interface of the element under test, in order to verify its robustness. Simulation results are analyzed in real-time or by post-processing. LSU scalability allows to increase the number of lines and processing power, from a few lines up to hundreds of lines at wire-speed running tests in parallel over one or more network elements under stress.

Specific solutions examples

  • Abis Simulators: BTS simulation, dynamic Abis, large mobile phone simulations, handover, congestion, etc.

  • Gb Simulators: allows SGSN simulation where a real SGSN does not exist, simulation of multiple BSSs for SGSN load&stress
  • EDGE Load & Stress: a powerful system for load & stress testing of EDGE network elements, by simulating thousands of mobiles over the EDGE interfaces
  • MSC Simulator: the right solution for functional and load&stress testing of BSS equipment