If a Service Provider is planning to offer Converged Network (mobile-VoIP) services to its subscribers, it can face a testing issue due to the application dissemination within the various Core Network elements. In other words, the Supplementary Services are implemented in different parts of the Network Elements and cannot be tested outside of the complete system enviroment. Furthermore, it often happens that different Network Elements are supplied by different Vendors, each of those having its own product roadmap and product correction deliveries.

This situation corresponds to a testing dependency and complexity that the Service Provider need to take into account when Converged Services have to be launched. Test Automation is surely providing an answer to those Service Providers that want to offer quality services with low operational costs. Moreover, a complete automated testing suite can provide wider case coverage than a human testing approach.

PRISMA presents the IP-PBX testing suite, a complete automated testing suite specially developed to qualify the Supplementary Services of Converged Networks.

The IP-PBX testing suite is designed to simulate a number of VoIP terminals, to control mobile terminals and to verify the functionality of the Supplementary Services that the Converged Network is able to provide.

The IP-PBX testing suite is supplied with a powerful Graphical User Interface that provides the Service Provider with an easy-to-use suite where to perform and attend test executions.  Scheduling a nightly unattended testing session is really simple with the IP-PBX testing suite, as sessions can be easily programmed to start at a specific date and time of a selected calendar day. The system automatically executes the sessions, controlling and avoiding possible resource conflicts. The following day the tester can easily analyze results and traces collections of the executed sessions.