The Short Message Service Centre (SMSC) testing system is a testing suite specially developed to perform both functional and load&stress tests against an SMSC as a Device Under Test (DUT).

The SMSC testing system is able to surround the SMSC on all interfaces and/or to perform tests in a live network.

The basic procedures that the testing system is able to perform are:

  • Mobile Originating Short Message
  • Mobile Terminated Short Message
  • Application Originated Short Message
  • Application Terminated Short Message

The procedures are performed by simulating different Network Elements as in a live network. The SMSC can currently simulate  MSC/VLRHLR and Application Entities (as many as required), achieving a total throughput of 3000 SMSs/sec and more.

Configuration, test and report management via a Graphical User Interface

PRISMA has developed a customized and easy-to-use Graphical User Interface to provide the user with complete control of the SMSC testing platform. The Graphical User Interface, called Test Automation and Management Information System, includes functionalities such as the provisioning editor, device under test selection, test and scenario selection, test execution and real time monitoring.

The application runs on a Java platform and is automatically downloaded by Java Webstart technology.