Extensive Monitoring System has been developed to satisfy today’s Service Providers’ needs in terms of monitoring, troubleshooting and simulation for their 2G and 3G mobile networks. Operators can also benefit from PRISMA’s experience in serving most important worldwide Vendors’ test plants where load&stress, evolving of standards and quality assurance are everyday’s tasks. PRISMA’s modular systems can perform monitoring while simulating or loading&stressing a complete network. The most important GSM/UMTS Vendors use PRISMA’s testing solutions for functional, for load&stress and for stability testing, achieving the highest performance in the market.

PRISMA provides monitoring systems for Vendors’ and Service Providers’ laboratories and monitoring solutions for live-networks, allowing concurrent usage of the same system. Extensive Monitoring System can be combined with Ticket Producer, allowing a comparison between the Operator’s billing system and PRISMA’s charging tickets. The flexibility of PRISMA’s solution allows, for example, to supply end-user services, while O&M personnel is analyzing network protocol problems and while another application is periodically collecting performance data to be presented at the next executive boards.

PRISMA’s Network Probe Unit (NPU)

PRISMA’s Network Probe Unit (NPU) is supplied with powerful and integrated monitoring software that offers a wide range of filtering and pre-analysis functionalities. Built on top of a real-time OS, PRISMA’s monitoring software provides best-in-class performances in terms of both latency and interface capacity. PRISMA also supplies its probes with an Open Interface and APIs.

PRISMA’s probes transfer the captured signalling messages from signalling links to TCP/IP client applications. The solutions consist of PRISMA’s systems specially designed for massive network probing applications. The system is highly scalable due to PRISMA’s architectural design, introducing NPU modular system to share connectivity needs among stackable pieces of equipment.

Client-server monitoring system – Highly scalable solutions

Extensive Monitoring System follows the client-server architecture allowing up to 32 concurrent clients and/or client applications to be connected. The monitor servers can be hosted in different NPU pieces of equipment and the monitor server hierarchy can be configured providing unique system flexibility. PRISMA’s multi-monitoring server can be organized both as multi-instance and as multi-site architecture.

PRISMA supplies Application Part Interfaces for any third party client applications.

Among the client-server key features, there are:

  • the highest performances and a wide range connectivity (E1/T1, STM-1 OC-3, Ethernet, Channelized  STM-1)
  • on-demand acquisition and optimized transfer rate
  • various client applications can be connected to acquire protocol data
  • processing power and storage area also available on the client side
  • protocol decoding in real-time from various and distributed sources
  • high powerful post-processing tool developed from a well-known open source project
  • specific testing requirements can be easily satisfied with dedicated client applications