PRISMA is sensitive to Network Operator cases, in particular when issues are addressed to the Charging Chain. Some of the Charging Chain issues could be caused by divergent interpretations of signalling messages that are exchanged between network elements manufactured by different Vendors. The misinterpretation of signalling, normally, leads to revenue losses for the Service Provider or to overcharging for subscribers: a wrong invoice can lead the Operator to initiate legal actions that can be expensive and can damage the corporate image.

PRISMA has designed a specific non-invasive solution, able to capture the signalling messages between different Network Elements, to group the messages in user transactions and to issue transaction tickets, as a real network element normally issues.  The issued tickets can be compared, to extract possible differences and to easily find out any misinterpretation occurences. Ticket Producer can also store all signalling messages to provide documention for further analysis.

Ticket Producer is a ready-to-go PRISMA product available for the following interfaces:

  • INAP CS1
  • Iu-CS
  • A
  • ISUP

Further interfaces are available on request.  Further product information can be found on the Ticket Producer page.