Who We Are

PRISMA Telecom Testing (formerly PRISMA Engineering) is a leading supplier of innovative performance testing solutions for the wireless industry. PRISMA’s test solutions for 2G/3G/4G/5G mobile networks, both over the wired and the radio interfaces, draw on over 30 years of experience in telecommunications engineering. The largest network manufacturers and service providers worldwide rely on PRISMA for complete RAN testing, to accelerate the deployment of their technology and the validation of their network equipment.

PRISMA’s award winning RAN testing suite has the unique capability to test different technologies (from 2G through to 5G, including IoT) with a single compact system. Our extremely flexible SDR-based test platforms use software reconfiguration to remove the need to invest in multiple hardware solutions. PRISMA’s UeSIM won the LTE North America Awards 2014 for “Best Test/Measurement LTE Product”.

Other applications of PRISMA technology include applications for emergency and disaster recovery management (EmergencyNET, simulating a complete mobile network in a backpack) and LSUNET GSM-R, a GSM-R mobile network simulator for on-train communications.

What We Do

Where We Are

A privately owned company, PRISMA is headquartered in Milan, Italy. Besides the R&D and production centre in Milan, our company is also present with its own offices, to assure locally technical and commercial support, in France, China, Sweden, the USA and Finland, and with several partners and sales representatives across Europe, Asia and the Americas.