In the past 10 years PRISMA has implemented and improved its management system according to the most established international standards, such as ISO 9000.

The strict adherence to those standards can be considered one of the main reasons which have enabled PRISMA to open up to new markets and to the biggest sector players, offering them both innovative products and services of the highest quality and substantial business development opportunities. In time, PRISMA has reinforced its technology market positioning and its reputation as a leader in the field of HW and SW design and development for the telecom market.

However, on a global marketplace which is more and more interested in the social, environmental and business ethics issues, the application of ISO 9000 standards is not considered, nowadays, a sufficient condition to stay competitive.

Markets need to follow a new growth model, where the concept of quality is embedded in the concept of sustainability, thus requiring a new management paradigm, based on the widely recognized principles of the Corporate Social Responsibility.

In reply to this need, PRISMA has decided to start an innovation process leading in 2014 to the implementation of new organizational measures, compatible both with the CSR’s contents and with the new Company’s policy (PRISMA’s Commitment).

PRISMA firmly believes in business ethics

For this reason, we expect our Customers and Business Partners to share our commitment, supporting an ethic management behaviour all over the world.

In all the collaboration relationships we forge, we expect our Customers and Business Partners to respect all the laws and the legislations regarding Sustainability (People, Health & Safety, Environment, Procurement, Business Ethics, Conflict-Free Minerals).

Our commitment

PRISMA’s strategy is based on the following consolidated business goals

Steady technological and marketing positioning improvement

with focus on the design and the implementation of test systems, test equipment for telecommunications, electronics equipment and software systems

Complete Customers’ satisfaction and contribution to their growth

in accordance with the applicable laws and other mandatory requirements

To achieve these goals, PRISMA believes that service and product quality, environmental protection and social responsibility are central to its business and are the main values driving PRISMA Management’s choices in:

  • implementing, maintaining and improving an integrated management system, compliant with the following quality principles: efficacy (product and service quality); efficiency (costs and time optimization); feasibility (ability to change);
  • implementing, maintaining and improving a sustainable management system, compliant with the main principles of ethical and social responsibility, environmental and safety safeguard for both the community and PRISMA’s Employees with:
  • incentive for the Human Resources (essence of the organization)  to develop their knowledge, competences and professionalism, in order to understand and apply PRISMA’s values;
  • internal knowledge diffusion of the social, ethical, environmental and health & safety aspects of PRISMA’s organization;
  • moral integrity and fairness of relations with stakeholders, honesty and sense of responsibility, unwillingness to compromise on ethical issues (not accepting assignments or requests which may involve illegal activities, such as corruption);
  • partnerships with suppliers, in order to achieve continuous improvement and growth of business value, while complying with PRISMA’s statements concerning social responsibility;
  • continuous compliance with national laws and international standards regarding Social Responsibility, Environmental and Health & Safety (such as SA8000, OHSAS18001, ISO14001);
  • innovation continuity through marketing and technology developments monitoring, to ensure competitiveness of PRISMA’s offer;
  • planning, development and communication of PRISMA’s goals at every organizational level, in order to improve their effectiveness.