The PRISMA Group is strongly committed to implement the best business ethics practices.

As clearly stated in our Committment, PRISMA’s goal is to continuously improve the effectiveness of these practices as implemented at all its sites and at its Contract Partners, through training, communication and involvement of all PRISMA Group’s Employees.

With that goal in mind, the PRISMA Group has identified 6 areas of relevance, commonly denominated:

“PRISMA’s Guiding Principles”

the PRISMA Group works in compliance with the current legislation, professional ethics and internal rules. The pursuit of PRISMA’s interests cannot justify a conduct which violates the principles of correctness, honesty and fair business. In particular, PRISMA takes every possible measure against corruption and bribery. Any payments, gift or inducement made by or on behalf of the PRISMA Group which induce or are intended to induce someone to act improperly are matters which are likely to result in disciplinary action, including summary dismissal, against all the Employees concerned. Gifts or entertainment may only be offered if they are consistent with customary business practices in the relevant territory, are modest in value and cannot be interpreted as inducements to trade. Employees should not accept gifts, money or entertainment from third party organizations or individuals where these might reasonably be considered likely to influence business transactions. Gifts, other than trivial ones with a low value, should be returned.

all information distributed by the PRISMA Group is complete, transparent, comprehensible and accurate, thus allowing its stakeholders to take decisions in complete awareness of the relations to be held with PRISMA and its subsidiary and partner companies.

In compliance with the law, the PRISMA Group guarantees confidentiality of information at its disposal and its processing through methods ensuring utmost transparency to the interested parties and denying access to third parties, unless required for corporate aims or required by a warrant in the cases provided for by local regulations. In particular, Employees are forbidden to use and disseminate confidential information for any purpose which is not related to the performance of their professional activities.

while maintaining relations with all its stakeholders, the PRISMA Group avoids any kind of discrimination based on nationality, gender, racial and ethnical origins, religious beliefs, political opinions, age, sexuality, disability or health. It also guarantees respect for universally recognized human rights stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

when performing any type of activity, the PRISMA Group manages to avoid any situation which could give rise to real or even merely potential conflict of interests. Conflict of interests includes not only all the cases defined by the law, but also situations whereby an Employee acts to pursue an interest different from the interest of the Company, in order to have a personal benefit.

the PRISMA Group recognizes free competition in the market as a crucial factor for growth and constant business improvement. PRISMA’s competitiveness is based on the quality of products and services provided and not on its Competitors’ discredit.

The PRISMA Group rejects any type of conduct that contravenes to the aforementioned principles.