The PRISMA Group is committed to safeguard the environment as a primary asset and to respect the best environmental management practices.

As clearly stated in our Committment:

PRISMA’s goal is to continuously improve the effectiveness of these practices as implemented at all its sites and at its Contract Partners, through training, communication and involvement of all PRISMA Group’s Employees.

This document establishes the guiding principles of PRISMA’s approach to protecting the environment and preventing pollution, defining both PRISMA’s objectives and commitment.

The PRISMA Group aims to give a positive contribution to sustainable development, managing and reducing direct and indirect environmental impacts of its business.

  • managing business by exploiting resources in an efficient way, minimizing the environmental impact deriving from the consumption of energy, paper and water, the production of waste and the emission of greenhouse gases;
  • directing management decisions in order to provide incentives to the adoption of sustainable strategies;
  • directing procurement decisions towards Suppliers who comply with environmental sustainability principles, as set out in this document.

In its pursuit of said objectives, the Group undertakes to implement a system to manage all environmentally significant aspects, striving to:

  • directing its decisions to ensure compatibility between business and environmental protection, adhering to the current legislation and to the existing best practices;

  • promoting the spread of a sound, lasting environmental culture among all PRISMA Group’s staff members, encouraging involvement through specific information and training programs and through the definition of environmental responsibility;

  • adopting a transparent, ongoing approach to communicating environmental management results, measuring and monitoring the performance levels by devising and monitoring a specific system of performance indicators;

  • periodically reviewing PRISMA’s Environmental Policy to define new objectives and commitments for the purpose of ensuring their compliance with developing environmental needs, with changes to PRISMA’s business goals and with stakeholders’ opinions, and to decide on further actions for improvement.