The PRISMA Group is committed to manage its activities at each site with the full respect of the existing laws, acting in a way to protect and promote the health and safety of its employees and every people directly and/or indirectly involved in the activities at each site.

As clearly stated in our Committment:

PRISMA’s goal is to continuously improve, at all its sites, its Health and Safety policies and processes, safeguarding all the Employees as the main asset of the Group.

The PRISMA Group will perform this commitment through:

  • an efficient and effective safety management system following OHSAS 18001 (or equivalent) requirements;

  • the willingness to act so that Employees and Contractors will operate safely, in full respect of the applicable laws and of the company’s standards, managing risks and preventing accidents;

  • the request to each Company’s management to be fully committed to the growth of health and safety policiesat each site by means of careful planning and implementation of strategies and operational plans;

  • promoting the awareness of health and safety policies of PRISMA’s Employees, Child Companies, Suppliers and Contract Partners, inviting them to offer a personal contribution to the current policies’ improvement;

  • clear customer information regarding the use of PRISMA’s products;

  • continuous development and adjustment of emergency procedures.

As previously stated, PRISMA’s goals can be listed as

risk protection for both its own Employees and all Personnel directly/indirectly involved
continuous reduction of the occurrence of injuries and accidents
continuous assessment and removal of potential risk conditions
continuous improvement of the working environment