The PRISMA Group is strongly committed to respect the best human workplace practices. As clearly stated in the QESSR Policy, PRISMA’s goal is to continuously improve the effectiveness of these practices as implemented at all its sites and at its Contract Partners, through training, communication and involvement of all PRISMA Group’s Employees and Contractors.

With this goal in mind, the PRISMA Group has identified 9 areas of relevance. PRISMA commits to enhance management reviews, employee committees, open communication and policy development, to comply with all current laws and to provide a favorable employment environment that respects and understands the needs of all its Employees and Contractors.

The PRISMA Group commits to inform all its Employees and Contractors at all its sites of its policies and positions on the main standards of social responsibility and Human Rights.  All Employees and Contractors will be made aware of the Policy and Company Statement upon its implementation.  Going forward, all new Employees and Contractors will be informed of the main standards of social responsibility and Human Rights in a dedicated  orientation training.  Periodically throughout the year the Company will reaffirm its commitment to the policy through periodic communications (to Employees and Contractors), such as emails, dedicated newsletters and meetings.

9 identified areas of relevance


the PRISMA Group does not use child labor


the PRISMA Group does not engage in or support the use of forced labor


the PRISMA Group is committed to the continuous improvement of the health and safety of its Employees and Contractors


The PRISMA Group does not engage in or support any type of discriminating practices. The company does not allow harassment in any form to occur. It asks only skills oriented questions when interviewing for hire or promotion. The PRISMA Group does not engage in or support activities that would interfere with an Employee’s or Contractor’s right to exercise and observe tenets or practices, or to meet needs relating to race, caste, national origin, religion, disability, sexual orientation, union membership, or political affiliation. The PRISMA Group does not allow behavior from any Employee or Contractor that is discriminatory or harassing in nature. Gestures, language and physical contact that are sexually coercive, threatening, abusive, or exploitive are prohibited. All allegations of discrimination or harassment are brought immediately to the attention of the Director of Human Resources and are promptly investigated.


the PRISMA Group recognizes its Employees the right to join trade unions of their choice and to collectively bargain. The PRISMA Group is committed to provide open lines of communication to the management and has developed the step process for solving problems that includes all levels of management including the CEO.


The PRISMA Group complies with all current laws concerning working hours. While overtime is encouraged to keep the Company productive and competitive in the marketplace, it is completely voluntary. Employees and Contractors are never forced, coerced, or pressured to work overtime.


The PRISMA Group ensures that the salaries paid always meet the minimum legal standards


The PRISMA Group has not defined internal disciplinary processes. Specifically to disciplinary practices, PRISMA applies contents of the National Collective Bargaining Agreement


The PRISMA Group believes that careers management and continuous training are the main drivers of business growth and of performance improvement. To achieve these objectives, PRISMA ensures adequate training and career opportunity to all PRISMA’s personnel, without any discrimination and preclusion.