The PRISMA Group selects, qualifies and controls all its Suppliers and Contract Partners through a specific management system in accordance to PRISMA’s Labor Practices Policy, Health & Safety Policy,  Environmental Policy, and Business Ethic Policy.

The PRISMA Group requires all its Suppliers and Contract Partners to align with its policies while performing business and to ensure compliance with those policies at all the levels of the relevant supply chain.

The PRISMA Group is committed to performing its business with all Suppliers and Contract Partners by complying with the following principles:

The PRISMA Group works in compliance with the current legislation, professional ethics and internal rules. The PRISMA Group does not accept any form of corruption, extortion or misappropriation.

All Suppliers and Contract Partners are selected by means of clear, transparent, reliable and non-discriminatory procedures, by solely using objective, documentable, and transparent criteria.

Relations between the PRISMA Group and its Suppliers and Contract Partners are governed by objective criteria. Under no circumstances shall the personal relations or interests of PRISMA’s Employees and Contractors influence the award of a contract or an order. No Employee nor Contractor can directly or indirectly draw any personal benefit from the award of a procurement contract. Consequently, any benefit or present given or received that may be intended as a tool influencing the independent judgement or conduct of the parties involved shall be forbidden.

The PRISMA Group shall keep Suppliers’ and Contract Partners’ information confidential and shall refrain from looking for confidential data, unless it is explicitly authorized to do so in compliance with the regulations in force. All PRISMA’s Employees and Contractors are forbidden to use confidential information provided by Suppliers or Contract Partners for any purpose which is not related to the performance of their duties.

All Suppliers and Contract Partners shall operate in line with the principles stated in this document. They shall strictly comply with all national and international applicable rules and regulations. In particular, Suppliers and Contract Partners shall acknowledge the rights of their Employees and treat them with dignity and respect. They shall be committed to:

    • not using nor tolerating the use of child, forced, obliged or undeclared labor;
    • not implementing nor tolerating any form of discrimination based on nationality, gender, racial and ethnical origins, religious beliefs, political opinions, age, sexuality, disability or health in recruitment and remuneration policies, access to training, career development, dismissal or staff retirement;
    • granting the staff the right to set up and join trade union organizations of their own choice and to hold collective negotiations with the company in line with the rules, practices and cultures of the various countries;
    • ensuring a safe and healthy working environment and adopting suitable measures to prevent any accident or damage to workers’ health;
    • complying with the laws and standards applicable in the relevant business sector on working hours and public holidays;
    • respecting the staff’s right to decent remuneration.

The PRISMA Group also requires its Suppliers and Contract Partners to promote environmental safeguard by minimizing the im­pact of their business through an efficient use of resources, preference to renewable energy, correct waste disposal and greenhouse gases reduction.

Suppliers’ and Contract Partners’ compliance is ensured by means of suitable monitoring procedures. In particular the PRISMA Group can ensure suitable monitoring through on-site auditing activities and periodic Suppliers’ and Contract Partners’ performance analysis, in accordance with the main principles of the social company responsibility and in accordance with the contract’s contents undersigned with them.

In the event of non-compliance with the above-mentioned principles, the PRISMA Group will first and foremost seek a solution with the Supplier or the Contract Partner through dialogue. Should an agree­ment fail to be achieved or should serious non-compliance occur, the PRISMA Group will apply the necessary sanctions that may go as far as the termination of the contract.