The European Railway Traffic Management System (ERTMS) is a major industrial project developed in close cooperation with the European Union. ERTMS aims at replacing the different national train control and command systems in Europe. The deployment of ERTMS will enable the creation of a seamless European railway system and increase European railway’s competitiveness.

An essential component of ERTMS is the GSM-Railway (GSM-R), a  mobile communications standard for railway operations.

GSM-R is a radio system for providing voice and data communication between the track and the train, based on standard GSM using frequencies specifically reserved for rail application with certain specific and advanced functions.

LSUNET GSM-R, PRISMA’s Solution for ERTMS Testing

PRISMA’s solution for ERTMS testing is LSUNET GSM-R, a compact system simulating both the Core and Radio Access of a real GSM-R wireless network. LSUNET GSM-R is able to reproduce all kinds of normal and abnormal behaviour you can expect from a real network (such as overloads), allowing easy debugging of interworking issues. Live demonstrations to customers of ERTMS applications can be performed using real terminals and any SIM profile (both live and test SIMs are available).

Typical ERTMS Application Testing Examples

  • Test performance, monitoring and load stress issues quickly and conveniently using PRISMA software – and with no need for test bed activities at your Customer’s premises
  • Debug interworking issues with particular handsets in a controlled environment
  • Demonstrate the application to the Customer using real terminals and any SIM profile (live and test SIMs are available)


  • Test-bed and outdoor environments
  • CS-DATA service 9.6 kbps transparent
  • V.110 over IP interconnection towards external ERTMS platforms
  • Static/dynamic called party management
  • Complete GSM/GPRS core and radio access network simulation
  • Automated test environment (for network and terminals)
  • Integrated monitoring
  • Robustness & stability test suites
  • Specific network element customizations possible(i.e. for SMSC, MMSC, MSC)
  • GbE interconnection to external networks and network elements