Our award winning Radio Access Network testing suite enables network operators and infrastructure vendors to validate network performance by emulating real network traffic. Different technologies (2G through to 5G, including IoT) hosted on a single software-reconfigurable compact system remove the need to invest in multiple hardware solutions.

Our multiterminal and multistandard radio testing systems have been designed to accelerate multistandard end-to-end network verification by generating IP traffic load, simulating applications running on thousands of concurrent devices operating real voice and data sessions.

Because of their complete frequency band support and of their high computational power, PRISMA’s simulators are test tools of incomparable help when validating network equipment, especially useful for IoT implementations support well ahead of chipset production and commercial device release.

Always aligned to the latest 3GPP releases, the feature testing capabilities of PRISMA simulators are of crucial importance when validating network equipment, and are especially useful for IoT and 5G implementations support well ahead of chipset production and commercial devices release
PRISMA RAN testing systems, fully scalable, can create different levels of traffic load across multiple cells by enabling service providers to test their networks by replicating both real world conditions (including fading) and mobility, and also by recreating traffic surges closely similar to those generated by a variety of real smartphones and apps.
An intuitive yet powerful GUI generates impressive graphical reports detailing KPIs and complete performance analysis, while a dedicated Test Automation interface ensures an easy integration with existing testing environments. With a choice between RF and optical CPRI interfaces, our systems support both cabled and over the air operation

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