Test complex RAN ecosystems

IoT network design is fundamentally different from a traditional network structure involving only smartphone devices (and their irregularly shaped traffic), in that the majority of IoT devices will require relatively low power and throughput, with much more predictable traffic transmission patterns. However, both the sheer number of connected devices and their related control plane messaging will place an unprecedented set of demands on the mobile infrastructure. With the introduction of support for standards such as EC-GSM, NB-IoT and LTE CAT-M, PRISMA test solution offers the unique capability to verify the functionality of a complex network ecosystem across both newest and legacy access technologies.

Accelerate IoT networks deployment time

Back in November 2015 PRISMA took part in a Proof of Concept of IoT in South Korea. A pre-release version of LTE-M (now known as LTE-M1) had been implemented on a real mobile network, using commercially available base stations. UeSIM was the simulation tool of choice to provide support for the IoT device emulation. This is a typical example where the flexibility of our multistandard RAN test systems can be of pivotal importance to enable service providers to accelerate the deployment time of IoT network infrastructures and applications. Nowadays the mobile industry appears to be in dire need of cutting-edge tools to enable the timely launch of both new technologies, not only capable to be closely aligned with the latest 3GPP developments but also with the ad-hoc implementations of pre-standards, and the actual use cases supported by them. With PRISMA RAN test systems, Proof of Concepts of new features and technologies and emulation of devices not yet on the market are finally possible.