PRISMA has over three decades of experience in mobile network testing on most wired and wireless interfaces. Until a few years ago, testing of networks meant testing of a single network element at a time. In Circuit Switched networks, this approach still guaranteed acceptable test results. Along with the evolution of broadband generation networks, the testing paradigm has also changed. Mainly because of the all-IP flat architectures and Service Oriented Network philosophies, network testing needs to be close to the user’s perspective as much as possible, possibly involving the radio interface.

The Radio Access Network dedicated portfolio addresses these issues while both offering the flexibility of a traditional test solution and benefiting from PRISMA’s worldwide experience in managing complex test beds and technologies.

PRISMA RAN solutions are based on a common hardware platform with a powerful Software Defined Radio architecture; all the 3GPP protocol stacks are internally developed and maintained. Both hardware and software follow the standards evolution and guarantee the maximum Return of Investment for the Customer.

Multiterminal Radio Solutions brochure