With the latest developments of 4G, the introduction of IoT, the rapid expansion of multistandard heterogeneous network (HetNet) environments and the evolution of other legacy RAN technologies, the need to validate Base Stations and Small Cell performance in situations where multiple technologies are overlapping has become more critical than ever. Mobile devices need to hand over effectively between different technologies, and satisfactory network performance needs to be assured across overlapping Radio Access Technologies (RATs) such as 4G, 3G and 2G.

PRISMA RAN test solutions, designed to accelerate multistandard end-to-end network verification, have already been chosen by leading Network Manufacturers to validate network functionality and performance  across 4G, 3G and 2G, and to ensure a seamless user experience when handing over between different Radio Access Technologies.

Both functional and load testing over multiple eNodeBs (or NodeBs or BTSs) are possible by simulating a large population of devices moving programmatically from one base station to the others, while checking the relevant signalling on the transport interfaces (S1, X2 for LTE). Such complex handover management is completely manageable using a powerful yet intuitive GUI, generating rich statistics, KPI reports and performance analysis. Both real radio conditions and mobility can integrate the simulation, for an exhaustive network validation.