Even though an average smartphone consumes only a fraction of the data traffic that a laptop does, a typical smartphone, mostly driven by an almost incessant applications activity, can connect to the network even thousands of times every day, originating high volumes of signaling traffic in the background and placing a considerable burden on the network. For this reason, the ability to closely replicate realistic smartphone traffic patterns is essential to be able to optimize network performance and ensure a smooth end-user experience.

PRISMA has analysed in detail traffic generated by different smartphones and their applications. Traffic (both signaling and data) generated by different typologies of users, devices, OSs and applications has been studied with the support  of advanced statistical models to ensure an exhausting coverage of typical live situations. The result has been a smartphone traffic generator, modelled in line with the characteristics of real traffic.

Different smartphone traffic profiles are readily available to be integrated in multiterminal simulations using PRISMA RAN testing tools, complementing realistic emulations involving also real radio conditions and mobility, for an accurate verification of current complex network ecosystems across newest and legacy access technologies.