Replicate real world radio environments

Virtual Drive Testing bridges the gap between the lab and field testing, by recreating an accurate real world representation of the network conditions in a controlled laboratory environment. When coupled with powerful Test Automation capabilities, Virtual Drive Testing offers an incomparable approach for an exhausting and realistic evaluation of network performances, considerably reducing testing time and costs and accelerating actual infrastructure deployment.

PRISMA solution for Virtual Drive Testing fully integrates its multistandard RAN test systems to enable the close replication of real-life scenarios, for a thorough realistic and repeatable verification of network infrastructure performance under real radio conditions. Ready-to-run test cases can be fully automated within a powerful yet user-friendly GUI, generating impressive graphical reports detailing KPIs and complete performance analysis.

In the real world, subscribers experience very different radio conditions, mainly due to their mobility profiles with respect to the position of the Base Station. A realistic fixed distribution of subscribers within a cluster of cells can be simulated, but also tests can be created where the subscribers move programmatically, simulating mobile terminals while on a high-speed train or on a moving car. Device mobility can be accurately simulated by interacting directly with the physical layer, signaling and uplink/downlink measurements on a per UE granularity.

Radio Conditions Simulation

  • Pathloss simulation
  • UL/DL BLER insertion
  • AWGN simulation
  • Radial Speed simulation
  • Fading simulation
  • Doppler Effect simulation
  • Path Attenuation simulation
  • High-Speed Train simulation
  • Inter Cell Interference emulation