Inter Radio Access Technology testing

All 3GPP standards require interoperability. PRISMA provides multi-terminal solutions for 2G, 3G and 4G radio standards which are interoperable and fully manageable by a single control point, such as the AirMosaic GUI.

By having the proper multi-terminal simulators, the user can operate scenarios where the simulated terminals flow seamlessly from one technology to the other ones, eg. LTE to/from GSM, UMTS to/from LTE and UMTS to/from GSM. Only PRISMA can offer this unique range of features.

Intra-technology scenario testing with a single AirMosaic

PRISMA’s radio solutions enable functional and load&stress testing over multiple eNodeBs (or NodeBs or BTSs)  by simulating a large population of mobiles moving programmatically from one base station to the others, while checking the relevant signalling on the transport interfaces (S1, X2 for LTE).

Such complex handover management is completely manageable by a single AirMosaic scenario, which is also able to generate extensive statistical and KPI reports while having the possibility to monitor and check any message flowing between the involved entities.