Mimic the Traffic Surges as Seen on Real Networks

In addition to simulating different levels of load and stress within a cell to enable optimal network validation, PRISMA RAN testing systems can simulate different types of load and stress by enabling service providers to test their network by recreating traffic surges closely similar to those generated by a variety of real smartphones and apps.

Regarding the latest IoT developments, it must be kept in mind that, even if IoT and M2M network design is fundamentally different from traditional network structure, in that the majority of IoT devices will require relatively low power and throughput, it is the sheer number of connected devices that will place an unprecedented set of demands on the mobile infrastructure. PRISMA solution for IoT is the perfect answer for meeting the new demands posed by the new generation of low power, low throughput devices.

IoT – One of the Key Drivers for 5G

Actually, the acceleration of the development of 5G is partially driven by a growing demand for newer IoT use cases, where lower latency and higher reliability are required (such as remote surgery or automotive applications).

Also, 4G, 5G and legacy mobile networks will be all building blocks of the new IoT ecosystem.

Cutting edge testing tools, when validating the mobile networks of the future, will need to be able to emulate realistic data usage while at the same time being able to address all the above described challenges. PRISMA RAN testing systems, by being capable to incorporate the peculiar characteristics of IoT devices traffic volume when designing a traffic model to be emulated, will be able to ensure, during the network validation process, reliable quality of service (QoS) and quality of user experience (QoE) as 5G networks develop and evolve.