For Service Providers, testing of roaming procedures is a very complex task which would normally require the setup or the reconfiguration of sophisticated test beds.

For each roaming scenario to be tested, several different real network elements (such as BTS, BSC, MSC, GGSN) need to be properly configured as part of a foreign network. Network configuration and troubleshooting are complex and time consuming: each network element has its own configuration tools and log files. Every change made to the foreign PLMN will renew the efforts needed, since all network elements are managed as single entities.

Setup a complete emulated foreign network in a matter of seconds

LSUNET simplifies this daunting task by enabling the configuration (or reconfiguration) of a complete emulated foreign network in a matter of seconds, with just the single load of a configuration scenario.

A complete portable mobile network which can emulate any 3GPP mobile network worldwide, supporting GSM, UMTS and LTE technologies, LSUNET enables the use of real devices and real SIMs. With the integration (possible at various levels) with different real home network elements (such as HLR and MSC), the correct behaviour of both the complete authentication process and voice and data traffic exchange for users abroad can be verified.

Test Automation of more complex environments is also possible, including the interaction with external billing and charging platforms.